Mata Jai Kaur Blog Entry 1

Welcome to the Prominent Homes Charitable Organization (PHCO) Blog!

PHCO is involved in many charities and takes pride in them all. This blog will highlight many of our efforts but will be based mostly on the clinic we have running called the Mata Jai Kaur Hospital. The Mata Jai Kaur Hospital is a maternal and child health project based in rural Rajasthan, India. It is funded by Prominent Homes Charitable Organization Ltd. which is based in Calgary, Canada.

My name is Aneel Brar, and I am currently on location in Rajasthan managing the project – a task that includes everything from overseeing construction, building up the organization, determining our objectives and how they’ll be achieved, keeping track of expenses and much, much more – and on these pages I hope to keep anyone and everyone who is interested updated and informed on our progress. We’ll also share information on what we’re learning, the stumbling blocks along the way (there inevitably will be many) and what kind of impact we’re having. My cousin Sherri (i.e. my boss) and I will be busy bringing you weekly updates with pictures, stories, anecdotes and anything else as we are inspired to put on here as we move forward.

I’m also hoping that this will be a platform to share knowledge and receive feedback and input. Implementing a project, even a relatively small-scale one like the one we have, is a complex endeavour. It is impossible to foresee all the potential problems and opportunities let alone plan for them ahead of time. Therefore, a lot of this is learning by doing and making adjustments as we go. Implementing grassroots projects like this one in small rural communities is as much an art as a science and I look forward to getting feedback, ideas, questions and comments from our followers!

Above is an image of the some of the women who visit the clinic receiving an educational lesson on healthy habits during pregnancy.

An image of some of the clinic workers. The man waving is our manager and beside him in the white is our land guard. Driving the tractor and on the other side are wonderful and helpful volunteers.

One Comment on “Mata Jai Kaur Blog Entry 1

  1. Very nice looking clinic and the surrounding countryside looks very beautiful also. That’s awesome work being done.

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