MJK-MCHC 2012 – video

Since I arrived in India a year ago I’ve been shooting videos to eventually produce a short documentary showcasing our work. I’m happy to present the final cut above.

For me, the most satisfying part of making this video was sharing some of the experiences we had during our village visits back in March and April. I also think the video, much more than any words I’ve written, captures a bit of the sentiment behind the project. We are not disinterested practitioners. Rather, we are fully invested in this community with the hopes of planting the seeds of change. This sentiment is born of the love of Mata Kartar Kaur and Mata Jai Kaur (more to come on this topic).

This video is meant to accompany our first Annual Report, which will have more detailed information on our operations and plans, and which will be released shortly. Anyone who wants a copy of the report can send me a message (email: aneel (dot) brar (at) gmail (dot) com) — I’ll be happy to send it to you.

I’d also love to hear what you think of the video or anything else! Your comments, questions and thoughts are most welcome.


3 Comments on “MJK-MCHC 2012 – video

  1. Im so impressed and uber proud of you Aneel. I cant wait to take some time out and come join you in Rajastan, even if for only a month, Id like to do my part in this wonderful project that is being carried out.


  2. Aneel,it’s very nice and touching video . Best of luck for ur future planings u have done good job.ur hard work will come farword

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