Prominent Homes Charitable Organization Ltd. (PHCO) is the charitable arm of Prominent Homes Ltd., a homebuilding company based in Calgary, Canada.

Deep Shergill, the president and founder of Prominent Homes Ltd., established the PHCO in 2008 as a way to give back to the communities that are dear to hearts of the Prominent Homes family. Each year Prominent Homes Ltd. contributes a minimum of ten percent of its Canadian pre-tax profits to the PHCO to invest in communities to improve their quality of life.

Vision Statement: Prominent Homes Charitable Organization Ltd. invests in communities to improve quality of life.

The PHCO supports programs and projects that fall under three pillars: Education, Health, and Community.

The PHCO’s main program for education is the Kirpal Dhindsa Memorial Scholarship, which supports the post-secondary education aspirations of disadvantaged graduating students from Calgary’s 45 public high schools. (more info here)

The PHCO’s program for health is the Mata Jai Kaur Maternal and Child Health Centre (MJK-MCHC), a major health initiative based in the Rajasthan, India that aims to reduce unnecessary pregnancy-related deaths of mothers and children. (more info here)

Through both of these programs the PHCO aims to mobilize interested partners, particularly from the province of Alberta, but also from across Canada and the world, to find effective solutions to some of the world’s most intractable problems.

Prominent Homes Charitable Organization Ltd. is a registered charity in Canada.

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